Gen.AV Sketches

Workshop on Generative Audiovisuals, 18/10/2014
Goldsmiths, University of London

About the projects:

Gestural Touchscreen is a touch-screen based application, controlled entirely by gestures. There is no GUI. Users can only load SVG files as visual content and there is a built-in physics engine.

Meta/Vis is multitouch app with a “pre-performance” configuration stage. This stage adopts a data-flow paradigm, although substantially simplified. Objects such as sound, visuals, control, generative and physics can be linked with arrows in different configurations, and contain drop-down menus for additional options. The group described it as “a simplified Jitter-style patching system”.

Sensor Disco consists of an environment containing multiple sensors. By moving in the space, audience members trigger and modulate sounds, which are visualized on the walls and on the floor.

Fields of Interference allows users to create sound and visuals by moving with their mobile devices in a room. The system is composed of an array of sensors, which sonifies and visualizes Wi-Fi interference from mobile devices – using surround sound and an immersive dome-like projection screen.

Beat the DJ is a game-ified experience where there is a main performer role (in this case, a DJ/VJ), and the club environment becomes a game where audience activity “unlocks” audiovisual content. In the beginning, the audio and visuals are simple (for example, a drum loop and a few melody lines) but audience reaction can give the DJ/VJ more elements to play with. These elements can potentially trigger further reactions from the audience.